A single duct cleaning can clear a large amount of dust in every household. Little did we know that the air at home is usually contaminated with dust, pollen, and other tiny particles. When operating the air conditioner, it also draws in airborne particles that can generate respiratory diseases. In the long run, these impurities in the air can accumulate inside the ducts causing a reduced airflow.

Air ducts demand the right cleaning and upkeep to function properly. Preserving the air vents unobstructed of dirt build-up will reduce your energy consumption and enhance the air quality in your living space.

Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

1. Maintains and Improves Air Quality

The air coming out of the vents is the exact air you and your family respires every day. When it is not properly maintained and inspected, ducts can carry impurities such as pollen and pet dander, which can then re-circulate around your space. With improved air quality, you won’t be at risk for asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues.

2. Promotes energy efficiency

A dirty air duct will probably limit the flow of air of your air conditioning system. When you have clogged air ducts, your HVAC system will use more power to function properly. Maintaining the ducts free from dust and debris will guarantee your units can function with efficiency.

3. Preserving the heating and cooling equipment

Most of the time, an unclean air conditioning system leads to blocked HVAC system coils, dirty blower wheels, and additional complex issues that cause more expensive repairs. By making duct cleaning a part of your maintenance routine, it will preserve the heating and cooling equipment while also extending the life of your air conditioning system.

Dangers Dirty Air Ducts May Cause to Your Home and Health

Your home’s air vent and its function is responsible for maintaining the quality of air that you needed to keep your space cozy. Here are four reasons why a dirty air duct at home can cause danger to you and your family’s health:

1. Causes exhaustion

The more the body works to obtain the fresh and clean air it needs, the more tired you become. When the air at home is contaminated, this may be the cause for the unexplained fatigue while also inducing your body to age faster.

2. Affects the respiratory system

Breathing the air at home contaminated with pollen, dust, and other allergens should not be neglected since it enters the respiratory system and become a driver for many illnesses. Keep your HVAC system maintained to get rid of these contaminants to get into your home’s ductwork for a healthier household.

3. Becomes a source of foul odor

There is no way you can keep a fresh home without eliminating the foul odor coming out of the air vent due to the dirt build-up. No homeowner would want to have a property that smells bad – the best thing to do is hire an efficient company that efficiently resolves the root of the problem.

4. Reduces HVAC productivity

Polluted ductwork does not only harm your health, it can also decrease your HVAC system’s capacity to cool your space. Impure air ducts push your air conditioning system to operate harder to satisfy your needs. With this, the HVAC system will demand more energy, compelling to more increased monthly electric consumption.

Non Stop Air Florida’s Efficient Air Duct Cleaning Company

Duct cleaning is not a simple task. You will need expert technicians to handle the air duct troubles efficiently. If you’re looking for a reliable air duct cleaning company and air purification with years of background in the field, Non Stop Air Florida offers the best duct cleaning service.

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