If you are concerned about the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs June 1 through November 30, or are just afraid of summer storms, it is advisable to secure your HVAC system from whatever weather blows this season.

Before, during, and after storms, it is essential to safeguard your house, particularly your air conditioning (AC) system. Learn how to prepare your Florida air conditioning unit for hurricane season by reading on.

Protecting Your Air Conditioner

Before Hurricane

Did you realize that a storm-related electrical surge might harm your air conditioner? Wind and rain may cause debris to get lodged in your outside unit, causing the engine to burn out. Before you’re caught in the midst of a storm, switch off the electricity to your air conditioning system to minimize damage from lightning strikes or motor failure. Additionally, covering your unit with plywood or a tarp may minimize damage from debris such as branches.

During Hurricane

During a storm, you should evaluate the scenario. If you believe there is a possibility of a power outage, reduce the temperature a few degrees below normal so that you can remain cool even if the electricity fails.

You must safeguard the unit against storm surge, ensure that everything is securely secured, and keep an eye out for rising water. Not only does increasing water pose the risk of flooding, but it may also take debris into the unit and cause more damage.

After Hurricane

If the storm is really severe, it is imperative that you DO NOT switch on your air conditioning after it has passed. You do not know the extent of the unit’s damage if debris, rising water, refrigerant leaks, or a variety of other possible issues were present.

Request assistance from an expert! After a natural calamity or a terrible hurricane, the only appropriate course of action is to exercise extreme caution. Non-Stop Air are dependable and trustworthy, and we don’t want you to struggle.

Before your air conditioning system is completely functional and more importantly, safe enough, we are advising you to check for necessary repairs or maintenance. Remember these guidelines while preparing for hurricane season or a major storm, and call us if you want assistance with your air conditioning after the storm.

Simple Steps to Protect Your Home From a Hurricane

In addition to securing your air conditioner, you may take a few basic precautions to secure your house. These recommendations do not guarantee that you or your house will be “safe” during a severe storm. Ensure to follow weather warnings and leave the area as advised by local authorities. Visit Ready.gov for more information on how to prepare your whole house for severe weather.

  • Brace your garage door – If strong winds knock down your garage door and enter your garage, it is more likely that your whole roof will be pulled off.
  • Lock all windows and doors securely – Ensure that all doors and windows are secured to protect your residence from flying glass and debris. Numerous properties in locations prone to hurricanes are equipped with window, porch, and door protection systems for increased security.
  • Trim nearby trees – Keep an eye out for dead branches and overhanging trees on your property and remove them before a severe storm might cause harm. Other unsecured items in your yard, such as patio furniture and barbecue grills, must also be secured.
  • Unplug devices or get a surge protector – In case of a major storm, electrical surges has a high probability and may cause significant damage to your valuable kitchen equipment and home entertainment systems.
  • Prevent water damage to your house – If necessary, get your vehicle to higher area and remove valuables from the floor. Ensure that you have enough flood insurance and a current house inventory to facilitate any future property claims.

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