The summer season is coming and most of us will likely run our air conditioners throughout the day. One of the advantages of having an efficient AC at home is having a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Keeping an AC well installed and conditioned before the warmer seasons are savvy and will ensure that you can have a finer and more restful environment. On top of that, with an AC at home, you can get rid of the annoyance of noise pollution outdoors.

We all want to prevent any troubles that might provoke the air conditioner to malfunction. It begins with understanding why your AC unit is not cooling the way it should.

Here are some of the common ways to do when your air conditioning unit stops working:

  • Replace the thermostat batteries. You can contact an adept HVAC company like Non-Stop Air Conditioning & Heating to resolve this and it is a lot worthwhile.
  • Ensure that the indoor and outdoor disconnect regulators are switched on, checked, and reset.
  • Check and reset the breaker box and restart the AC unit. If it keeps tripping, reach an HVAC professional immediately to properly diagnose the problem.
  • Check if the fuse has blown (if so, it needs replacement). It’s better to call an expert for HVAC systems to fix this kind of issue.
  • Replace the foul transformer.
  • Check if the capacitor is damaged and have it changed by an HVAC pro.
  • The indoor and/or outdoor coils requires cleaning.
  • Change your dirty filter.

Maintain a Regular Service for Your HVAC System

The best resolution for your air conditioner problems is keeping a regular service with the best HVAC techinicians of Non-Stop Air Conditioning & Heating.

Most of the time, these problems can be prevented. Keeping in touch with your HVAC pro for a regular system maintainance can usually avoid the misery of a nonfunctional air conditioner. With a thorough and early inspection, it can generate less damages and cost.

Non-Stop Air Conditioning & Heating services the entire Charlotte county, Lee county, and Collier county area of the southwest Florida with whole home air conditioning, heating, and air purification services. We specialize in residential repairs, installations and maintenance. You can contact us in times of emergency 24 hours and same day service, for all air conditioning and heating issues.

Non-Stop Florida’s Comprehensive Maintenance Service

Properly taking care of your air conditioner units guarantees that it stays energy efficient making it more frugal to use and lasts as long as possible.

Moreover, an efficient air conditioner that is well maintained will save you resources in the long run since it won’t require as much electricity to cool or heat your space.

If you choose to repair or replace an AC unit, hire an expert technician from Non Stop Air Florida to get a quality service. The repair person will also be capable of telling you the condition of your unit and the probability of it requiring more restorations soon. It’s worthwhile discussing with us so you can decide whether it will cost you less to get a new unit.

There are diverse possibilities and aspects to assume and there is no straightforward answer whether it is best to repair or replace an AC unit. By employing the considerations above, it will assist guide you in the right recommendation so you can spend less while staying cool in the summer season!

At Non-Stop Air Conditioning & Heating, we have more than 17 years of experience in residential heating and air conditioning. We guarantee you the best service and customer service in the industry in Florida.

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