The ultimate purpose of installing an air conditioner is to provide a comfortable temperature. When the outdoor temperatures are soaring, just like all machines out there, system issues can happen at some point. While an AC unit can experience several different complications, an air conditioner freezing up is one of the most common.

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How To Know If Air Conditioner Is Freezing Up?

  • Soaked filter
  • Solid ice block around the evaporator coil
  • Thick layer of ice coating the copper piping

There are a number of reasons why your air conditioner may be freezing up, here’s why:

1. Air Filter or Airflow Problems

  • Clogged air filters and other problems with airflow contribute to an ice build-up on the coils in several ways
  • Dirty filter kicks back cooled air
  • Condensate fails to drain and ices over
  • Return vents aren’t delivering enough supply air

2. Dirty Filter
Air conditioner needs sufficient airflow to run properly – this is hindered when your air filter is dirty. A dirty filter has to be cleaned or replaced, otherwise, it can freeze your air conditioner and cause other serious problems.

3. It’s Too Cold Outside
When it gets cold outside, air conditioner is more likely to freeze. It’s important to know that air conditioner has to cool the air to 6 or 7 degrees less.This means that if it’s cold one night, and the thermostat is set low, the air conditioner might be frozen by the morning.

4. Refrigerant Problems
A refrigeration leak or under-charged refrigerant can cause icing as well. That’s because the refrigerant works to absorb the heat energy from inside a home before returning cooled air. With too little refrigerant, the coils do not absorb heat as well, which causes humidity to freeze on the refrigerant line instead of evaporating or condensing into the drain line.

5. Dirty Coils
A dirty evaporator coil and condenser coil will attract more humidity and then freeze up. Call an AC technician to clean the coils and inspect for damage. Otherwise, the air conditioner will freeze over again after thawing it out and start it again.

6. Freon is Low
It may seem illogical, but low levels of refrigerant will cause the evaporative coils in your air conditioner to get too cold, which in turn will freeze up the air conditioner. If you notice low Freon levels, you should get an AC professional to come and check the system. Freon is a dangerous chemical which should only be dealt with by licensed contractor.

7. Faulty Fan
If the fan in an air conditioner isn’t working properly, air can’t circulate through. Improper airflow can create ‘cold spots’ that turn condensation into ice blocks.

8. Not Knowing When to Turn Off
The contractor in your air conditioner can become blocked by insects, dirt and debris, which stops the system from knowing when to turn off. If the system runs all day and night, it can swiftly seize up with ice.

9. Blocked Vents
If the vent is blocked, it will reduce the airflow to the evaporator coil, leading to freezing. Similar to a dirty filter, such an obstruction hinders sufficient air circulation. This, in turn, causes cold air to concentrate in areas and ice is formed.

10. Air Conditioner Is Too Old
Air Conditioning has a finite lifespan, and their efficiency lowers as they grow older. If the system is ten years old and has been causing you problems, it’s likely time to start looking for a new system.

Air Conditioner Freeze Up Prevention

A freeze up condition can often be avoided by regular air conditioner maintenance. Some of the tasks are things that a homeowner can address him or her self. However, checking the refrigerant charge and testing performance of vital components like the system’s compressor, are important procedures that should be addressed annually by a certified technician. Non Stop Air Florida recommends learning more about the annual maintenance that your system requires trusted AC service contractor. Call our AC specialists at (239) 360-6116.

Contact Licensed HVAC Professionals

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While all AC equipment should be checked by a professional once a year and an AC professional should always be called in to deal with major issues or repairs, you can extend the life of your HVAC system by performing an annual precision air conditioner tune-up.

And, if you are ready to install or replace your air conditioner our friendly and experienced team of Non Stop Air Florida know air conditioning systems inside and out. When it comes to air conditioner service in Cape Coral, FL there’s no job the experts at Non Stop Air Florida can’t handle. Our highly-skilled, certified, and licensed contractors are available to provide any of the following:

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